Ukraine kicks off command-staff exercises

Ukraine kicks off command-staff exercisesUkraine kicks off command-staff exercises

Ukraine kicks off command-staff exercises

By Abdullahi Shugaba

Ukraine on Monday,  launched command-staff exercises involving all branches of its armed forces, the country’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.

A total of 14 military commands and control bodies of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as representatives of the country’s National Guard, Security Service, State Emergency Service and State Special Transport Service, would join the five-day drills.

Ukraine kicks off command-staff exercises

The maneuvers would be held on five training facilities of the Ukrainian army in southern, eastern and northern Ukraine and on the Black Sea island of Zmiinyi.

According to the statement, the exercises aim to increase the operational capabilities of military authorities in planning and managing actions in various types of hostile situations.

During the maneuvers, the Ukrainian military would work out a series of defensive actions, including combating airborne troops and supporting ground and naval groups by aviation.

The anti-aircraft missile systems, Buk-M1 and C-300, anti-tank missile systems Javelin, as well as Grad and Uragan rocket launchers would be involved in the training.


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