How the El-Rufai Government is using Aruwan to clampdown on SOKAPU

How the El-Rufai Government is using Aruwan to clampdown on SOKAPU

By George Makeri

After a couple of hours at a court sitting yesterday 23 November 2021, Luka Binniyat is kept in prison custody for another two weeks. This development has shown that the El-Rufai Government is indeed using Samaila Aruwan to hit hard at SOKAPU.

The magistrate, overwhelmed by the force of Binniyat’s lawyer’s argument, insisted he needed time to collate on the issues before deciding the bail application. Meanwhile, Binniyat is to remain in prison custody.

Witnesses at the court yesterday, claimed the turnout was massive and Luka was in fine spirit. Some persons expressed skepticism the magistrate was independent, claiming the magistrate was acting by orders from above to elongate Binniyat’s stay in prison custody. Others, however, are optimistic no matter how long they detain Binniyat, good will eventually triumph over evil and Binniyat will come out stronger and better.

You will recall that Binniyat was picked on the 4 November 2021 by members of the State Investigation Bureau (SIB) on the orders of the Kaduna State Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samaila Aruwan. Aruwan claimed Luka’s publication on Epoch Times, citing the Zone 3 Senator Danjuma Laah that he(Aruwan) is being used by the Kaduna State Government to cover up the ongoing massacres against the Southern Kaduna people by calling it a communal clash, was injurious to him and has endangered members of his family. Interestingly, Aruwan is indeed being used to describe plain massacres against the Southern Kaduna people by murderous Fulani herdsmen Terrorists as communal clash. How do you describe nocturnal invasion into a sleeping town by mercenaries of herdsmen Terrorists who were never residents in the areas they invade as communal clash? Communal clash largely has to do with neighbours of largely residents and not mercenaries of killer herdsmen terrorists who are complete aliens to the areas they invade leaving largely women and children killed in their sleep. Thus despite the alleged denial by Senator Danjuma Laah, it still does not negate Binniyat’s fact that the State Government is running a massive disinformation and misinformation campaigns to shield the true nature of the attacks against the Southern Kaduna people using a Southern Kaduna son (Aruwan) to give credence to the campaigns.

Though they make the Binniyat ordeal look like a misunderstanding between two brothers with one using the advantage of having the instruments of state at his disposal to use, it is infact a deliberate El-Rufai Government clampdown on SOKAPU, using Aruwan still as a front, because Binniyat is the sole scribe cum spokesperson of SOKAPU, risking it all to enter dangerous terrains of most attacked villages to get first hand information and reporting to the world. This efficiency and effectiveness of Binniyat is what the Kaduna State Government took out of circulation using the same Samaila Aruwan to give it credence and shield them from their true intention.

The instruments of state has long been reduced into personal tools for personal squabbles by the El-Rufai Government. Meanwhile, kidnappers keep kidnapping along the Kaduna Abuja road as both 21 and 22 November got some persons killed including a high profile personality, while alot more got Kidnapped. Southern Kaduna, to this day, remains an abatoir of human slaughter with no single arrest, while the El-Rufai Government is interested in elongating Luka Binniyat’s stay in prison.

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