Future American politics may be defined by Trump’s MAGA

Future American politics may be defined by Trump's MAGA

Future American politics may be defined by Trump’s MAGA

Temitope writes on what the MAGA in Trump could mean to the future of American politics.

By Temitope Akintola

Now that we have a stalemate in the US Presidential Election, it is instructive to note that should Trump pull through and get a second term in the course of this electoral battle, I foresee MAGA the acronym for Trump’s “Make America Great Again” political slogan, metamorphosing into a political party that will be far bigger and influential than the Republican party on the long run.

Future American politics may be defined by Trump’s MAGA

MAGA is a force to reckon with at the moment and already some die hard Trump’s followers within the Republican party are championing a pull out for a party status for MAGA as a result of some lackadaisical attitudes of some people within the Republican Party they see as “lukewarm and grossly compromised and therefore cannot be trusted” and true to that, the MAGAns are right.

Let’s enjoy the unfolding drama as more and more evidential revelations are coming out from the Trump’s camp on how the election was largely rigged (especially from the major Swing States) to favour Biden which is likely to be left for the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) to decide.

The Democrats underestimated the strong influence Trump wields in the political scene. Just like the mistake of 2016 during the Presidential Election between Trump and Hillary where they thought Trump is finished but he ended up embarrassing the duo of Obama, the incumbent President and Hillary, the Presidential candidate of the Democrat Party. I can bet anything that in their schemings and strategies, the Democrats and their “collaborators” never envisaged 50 million popular votes for Trump owing to their well planned and aggressive social media attacks against the character called Trump, let alone the over 73 million votes he eventually polled. They had embarked on an impeachment move on trumped up charges they can’t even prove to get him out of the way before the election, he survived. They had successfully hinged the deaths of over 250,000 “Americans” (whereby almost 90% died in Democrat States while almost 10% of deaths occurred in Republican States) upon him in order to whittle down his political power and bring his name to disrepute before the electorates in a well organized political game that will portray “Trump as a President that don’t really care about Americans”, yet, he survived it.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the MAGA in Trump won’t budge at these cocktail of falsehoods stacked against a man they so much hated. He had achieved an unimaginable calmness in the Middle East without firing a bullet, something Obama in his 8 years in power couldn’t achieve. He had succeeded in taking out one of the deadliest terrorist, Al-Belghazi, an Iran, and his gangs, a leader of the ISIS, a terrorist cell, far lethal and deadlier than the Osama Bin Laden-led Al-Quaeda without any major attacks on American citizens or her properties of immense collateral damage. He is pulling America out of policies that are not beneficial to Americans. His bilateral trade deals with American chosen partners always wear the tag, “America first” for American benefits. Chinese products and services right on American soil are either shut out or terminated to give dominance to American products and services which in turn is giving major rises to to employment rates within America for Americans and many more. These are what the true Americans saw in Trump’s administration and hitherto made them troop out en masse to cast their votes in their millions (almost 74 million) for the man they so much love. Right there, they gave the Democrats bloodied nose because they (the Democrats) never thought Trump would pull such figures.

Some of his virulent critics labelled him a racist. Now this is where it sounds ludicrous. The Trump we all know is blunt and will always say his mind whether it is popular or not against any man or woman be it of any color or race and his attitudes toward the black community or people of other colors is not racist in nature. Get it, Trump is a stickler of rules, he was never a racist, he is not a racist and will never be a racist now or in the future owing to his past dealings with famous blacks and his contributions towards the black entertainment industry over the years. Every true Americans love Trump. Those who hates him, do with passion too. However, don’t get me wrong, these true Americans cut across all races, colors, classes and statuses across America. They are the ones that believed in the age long tenets of what birthed America in the 17th century when the 102 British Colonists (persecuted Christian pilgrims) discovered the land and secured the first place in 1620 at Plymouth Colony and subsequently their children laid down the guiding principles that made America what it is today (a great nation) through the efforts of the forefathers and crafters of the American Constitution in the 18th century. They stood against collapse in the moral values of America, injustice, abortion, same-sex marriage, racism, anti American people policies, banning of prayers in public schools, discrimination against the minority group etc. They still hold on to the creed, “In God We Trust” and the teachings of Christ those Puritans gave their sons who later grew to become America forefathers and gave America her solid Christian foundation and values.

Trump may not appear to you as a “genuine born again Christian” but trust me he is one President willing to defend the ancient landmark the forefathers of America have etched in the foundation stone of the birth of the United States with everything he got. Only true Americans understand that in him. Any true follower of American Presidential election right from Obama’s second term can easily tell as the results were pouring in that, Trump won this just concluded election and tampering with his victory by the Democrats and their collaborators is why America is where they are today as regards a “Stalemated Presidential Election”. Let me sound this clearly that, I personally monitored the 2016 Presidential Elections and can tell the pattern in which results were quickly uploaded irregardless of how late the votes were cast. Fast forward to 2020, the schemers in the Democrats are flying a kite that, “the Republican voters voted on Election day while almost all the Democrat voters cast their votes through the mail-in ballot and therefore the mail-in ballot votes were counted last which made the Biden to ‘overtake’ Trump’s initial victories across the Swing States he was initially winning”. Unfortunately, from the litany of petitions backed with watertight evidences tabled before the law courts across the US from Trump’s camp, it is very clear that this was not the case but clear evidences of outright rigging and manipulations of votes to favor the Democrat’s candidate, Joe Biden.

As a result of this open show of shame, it is very certain that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will be the final arbiter in dispensing true justice on this matter. One thing is certain at the end of it all, Trump had succeeded in showing to the whole world that all is not well and had not been well with the much celebrated Electoral Process of American Elections (especially the Presidential). If he and his team eventually succeed in their search for justice and get a win, it will set a precedence for future elections which will almost attain to perfection and embolden American democracy as a worthy standard and useful template for other nations practicing democracy to emulate and adopt as their standards.

Future American politics may be defined by Trump’s MAGA

However, the fall out will so much cast a huge aspersion on the image of the Democrat Party and will definitely trigger a special national hatred and distrust against the party by the American people which will cost the party many victories in future elections that may last many many years. This is nothing but the truth as we await the final verdicts of the expected authorities involve in dispensing true justice in the face of these uncertainties. This is where the MAGA in Trump stands tall, defying every form of political status quo and logic already instituted by the constituted authorities in the US.

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